About us

Senata GmbH is an owner-operated, completely self-financed holding comprised of medium-sized companies. The head office is located in the cathedral town of Freising near the Munich airport. From here, senata is operating worldwide. The sole partner and executive manager is Dr. Werner Folger.

For more than 25 years, the senata group of companies has been growing by expanding and investing in medium-sized companies in the metal and plastics industries and has been strategically developing both the companies and its portfolio. Every effort is always seen in the long term and not made from a short-term profit point of view. Financial stability is the greatest good – ahead of growth and size.

Currently, senata has fourteen subsidiaries involved in the operational business in Germany, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, as well as license partners in China, India, and Mexico. Among other things, the group's companies offer hot pressing and injection moulding, metal working, and the production of semi-finished products. The subsidiaries of senata operate independently and autonomously, yet in cooperation with their sister companies, making the group very effective.

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Foto Dr. Folger, CEO senata GmbH
Dr. Werner Folger, CEO Senata GmbH
Foto: CEO Senata GmbH
Thomas Heim, CEO
Foto: Katja Osl CEO
Katja Osl, CEO